2021 WCMS Dance Planned for April 23rd

The 2021 WCMS Dance will be on Friday, April 23rd from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.at the Newt Hudson Ag Center. Ticket prices are $5 until April 9th, and then $10 from April 12th through April 22nd.

You must meet the following criteria to attend the dance:

  • Cannot be failing more than one core class (CORE-Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies).
  • Must have no more than five disciplinary slips.
  • No attendance requirement this year
  • Current WCMS students – no high school or out of town students.
  • Cannot be a Wilcox County homeschool student.
  • Cannot be a Wilcox County virtual student.

Male Dress Code: No flip-flops, no slides, or t-shirts. Dress shirt with tie and dress pants are acceptable attire.

Female Dress Code: Any outfit within the school dress code except: No flip-flops, no slides, or t-shirts. No deep cuts, sheer fabric, or high slits. Two piece dresses must meet. Please see Mrs. Tinacious Howard if you have any questions about your outfit/dress.

Jeans will be allowed this year only because of the Western theme. However, wearing jeans comes with the following stipulations:

  • No shreds or holes
  • Must wear with western shirt/blouse/vest etc.
  • New looking
  • Cannot wear, the same clothes you wore to school that day.

If your dress is in question, text a photo to 229-313-1057 for approval.

There will be a photographer at the dance.

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