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Mental Health Services

Counseling services at Wilcox County Schools may consist of classroom guidance, support groups, and/or individual sessions. The School-Based Mental Health Counselor will utilize a variety of techniques (conversation, art, play, etc.) to assist students in meeting their full potential.  Groups and individual sessions are provided for students with parent permission.  Individual sessions may last approximately 6-8 weeks in about 50 minute increments.  Group sessions will typically be completed by grades and determined by the teachers of that grade level.  These services will be provided so the child has the opportunity to address concerns within the educational setting as well as in the home setting.  If needed, referrals may be made for outside counseling services and community resources for children, adults, and families .  

All Counseling is confidential except if it is in the child’s best interest for me to disclose to the proper authorities.

Please contact Amanda Kirkley with any questions. She may be contacted at or by calling either school office and selecting Extension 139.

 A referral form for these services can be found here: CONNECT WITH WILCOX